With whom we work

Every year, our Institute welcomes about 150 hearing-impaired children withof every different religion faith, making it in the daily life an educational center for coexistence and mutual tolerance. Students come from different Regions in the country: Bethlehem, Beit Jala, Beit Sahour and neighboring areas, Ramallah, Hebron and neighboring villages (10 km from Bethlehem), and Jericho (45 km from Bethlehem).

Due to transportation and transit problems, children from the regions of Jerusalem and the North do not join our institute. The security wall that separates Israel from Palestine, and surrounds and closes almost entirely the city of Bethlehem makes it difficult for students from far regions in Palestine to commute to Bethlehem on a daily basis. All students return to their families every day except for about twenty students who live within the institute’s accommodation facilities due to the distance of their family’s residence from the School.

Most of the students are equipped with retro-auricular hearing aids that amplify the acoustic signals and which, with a specific rehabilitation, help to perceive sounds and noises, to distinguish words and simple sentences in relation to the degree of hearing loss, while a restricted number of school children benefit from a cochlear implant. This kind of neuroplastic is targeted for children who have a profound deafness. The implant replaces the cochlea - the organ of hearing - converting the sounds coming from the environment into electrical signals and sending them directly to the acoustic nerve. A special re-education program is provided for children who use this hearing aid.