Help for Jannat

Jannat, a five-year-old girl with two eyes as beautiful and blue as the sky, comes from Beit Ula in the Hebron region. Her deafness has hereditary origins. She has a twin brother. And since about two months her mother had given birth to two other twins that she loves very much. The father is a worker, he works in Israel and on a daily basis he must go through the checkpoint facing great difficulties to go to his workplace. 

Despite he works a lot, money is hardly enough to support the family. For this reason, during the week Jannat lives at school, where she has the opportunity to receive a a speech therapy session every day, which is essential for her learning. She is learning to communicate but she would need new prostheses, since hers are damaged and the family cannot afford to spend on a new one.

The cost of a prosthesis is 700.00 euros each, so with 1,400.00 euros, we could help Jannat's family, who at this moment cannot afford to buy two new prostheses for their baby.